BELLO DEA is the brainchild of Bernice van Eck, who is an Entrepreneur, Celebrity Stylist, International Personal Coach/Healer.

Here is her story in her own words:

I was born in Kimberley 30 March 1972. We lived in Pretoria for a short while, and then moved to Cape Town. After school I went to UCT to study and qualified with a “Performing Arts” degree. My ballet career started as a guest artist in NAPAC. I then joined CAPAB ballet for three years after that, during which time I danced for the Duchess of Kent at the Sadler Wells Theater in London.

I loved ballet but just felt there was more to life than dancing 8 DSC_4940_edited-1hours a day. I have always had a sense of style and fashion since a young girl and decided I wanted to be in the fashion industry.

I resigned from CAPAB without a job and started cold-calling people from a telephone directory. I had no experience, except for helping with my ballet costumes. I was told I would never make it without studying and that it was impossible. Strong-willed as I am and determined to have my dream job, I was driving a SLK Mercedes Benz within the first year of my new venture and was already networking with International celebrities. I became an International buyer and traveled the world extensively to all the top fashion trade fairs. I rubbed shoulders with famous designers and top social circles. I was invited to attend all the top fashion shows in Milan, Paris, Florence and Dusseldorf.

During this time I always had visions and premonitions (psychic abilities), a gift I did not know how to use.

On the 9th September 2006 while having lunch at a well-renowned restaurant in Cape Town, a 3 ½ meter high canopy tent pole fell on the back of my head resulting in full-blown concussion which caused damaged to my vertebrae and spine. This resulted in a drawn-out court case for several years, during which time I had private detectives following me and my every move was monitored. The doctors administered various forms of medication which were just not working, instead making me bed-ridden and extremely ill. During this time I landed in a coma three times and my heart had stopped. I was almost declared dead.

As a result of the ensuing debilitating condition I found myself in, I lost my car, my house, my dignity, everything I thought was my existence.

Finding myself in this situation, I was forced to look at my life and inquire as to how to resolve my current predicament. I did extensive research and studied alternative healing modalities and found more tools and ways in this teaching which helped me survive this trying ordeal.

When you lose everything that you think defines you, it becomes a very humbling experience. The ironic thing was that the doctors could not heal me. Instead, I healed myself saving my own life using my will to live and the healing modalities I had learned.

After winning the court case, I still felt dissatisfied and started questioning, why me??? Why did I have to go through this??? The truth is sometimes scary but extremely liberating, I had to go through this journey to learn to heal myself on this path of self progression so that I have the knowledge and experience to help others to heal and change their lives.

Life is so much more than materialistic things. It’s about living your life in Joy, learning to love yourself and constantly walking this path of self progression to discover who you are and what your purpose is.

I made a promise to myself that if I survived this ordeal, I would dedicate my life to service in assisting others and helping them to find their joy and living their life alive.

I have been studying for 14 years and I am truly blessed to be able to travel the world bringing these life changing healing modalities to those who are ready to step onto their path of progression.

If we don’t change ourselves we can never change the world.

All my Love and Blessings,

Bernice van Eck

Healer, International Personal Coach, Alchemist, Kabbalist, Exorcist, Warrior of the Light, Celebrity Stylist