Awaken Your Inner Essence

Are you ready to transform your life and walk through the door to your Awakening?           IMG_3485

“Awaken Your Inner Essence” is a two day spiritual workshop for those who want to reach their highest potential and deepen their knowledge. This promises to help you awaken to who you truly are. Here we will discuss living a healthy lifestyle, different food groups and the effects on our bodies. How to nourish and cleanse the body to prevent illness and disease. Through connecting with our DNA we can heal ourselves and prevent aging. The healing effects of music on the body and how to apply this in our daily lives.

Beauty shall no longer be a secret as we will take you on a trip into the Fashion world and how it affects our lives by the way we dress. Learning how to embody the God/Goddess within which will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat while you discover your Sovereignty.

Exercises and Affirmations will be handed down during the workshop to help you shift your consciousness and assist in remembering “Who you are”. Learn how to connect with your Higher Self through meditation techniques.

How to attract more abundance and financial gain into your life.

Align more fully with the Universal flow of Creativity and Joy.

And so much more….

The focus during this workshop will be on knowing yourself in relationship to the world around you.

You are the Architect of your life, want a different life? Then its time to Awaken Your Inner Essence.


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