Bloodline Healing



This extremely powerful healing modality will reconnect your energy flow and heal your mind and body of physical ailments. This is an ancient healing modality from the Holy bloodline of En Sof.

This healing is truly unique. The blood carries the life force and has a Divine intelligence. Cleaning the blood in this healing, cleans out emotions in the body and negative residues.

This healing is also a Psychic Protection Healing bringing more protection in a persons life when used in conjunction with the Holy Bloodline salts (see products). This is particularly good for psychic people and after the session, people report a greater sense of psychic awareness and a greater sense of psychic self-defense and protection.

The benefits differ for each person and are different each time you participate in the session. What has been received in these sessions includes:

  • Enhanced psychic awareness
  • New level of psychic self-defense & protection
  • Greater sense of well-being in the world
  • Emotional healing including release of hidden anger, sorrow, & frustration
  • Physical and emotional de-tox
  • Physical healing as the blood is cleansed
  • And much, much more

Length of session: 1 hour.

For maximum results 4 sessions are recommended. 1 session per week for a month.

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