Since doing all the different healing modalities with Bernice (Life Activation, Spirit Activation, Bloodline Healing….. not to mention Empower Thyself, Galactic Activation and Healer’s Academy!!), I feel far calmer and peaceful. I was talking anti-depressants and I no longer need to do so and I continue to feel peaceful. I can more easily detach from the dramas of life; it doesn’t mean that I don’t feel emotions, but rather that when these come up I am not controlled nor swamped by them. My thoughts seem far clearer in terms of what is good for me. That is, when I speak I am much clearer as to what I want or am needing instead of suppressing my needs and wants and building up negative emotions.

I also feel that I can more easily identify my negative ego talking and can change it very quickly too with the tools I have learnt.

I have always felt deep compassion towards people and the world but this has often drained me and as a result has affected my life and relationships as I had nothing more to give.

Now I feel like I can have deep compassion for everything and everyone but I don’t feel taken from as I feel my heart is filled with light that is forever being replenished. Things in my life seem to flow more smoothly as well.

In terms of my career, I have always known that I am a Healer, but it is really reassuring to have this information revealed to me through the different healing modalities. However, being a therapist has often drained me of energy and left me feeling quite depleted. With the Empower Thyself tools I am able to have far better energy as I can protect myself from negative energies that used to drain me. Ultimately, I am able to work more effectively and efficiently.

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