Where do I start ……..

The before and the after my Life Activation.

My name is Yvette Louw age 46 going back about just under two years from now, wow I was defiantly a different person in all parts of life. I was always a huge substances user drugs alcohol it was my get away strategy for all I did not want to forgive and the frustration of my past life.

Coming home from work at ten o’clock at night and not giving another thought to finishing a bottle or two of wine (all by myself) knowing I have to work at eight the next morning. Smoking twenty cigarettes while I was at it and maybe adding a whiskey or two depending on how much the room was spinning so that was most nights , scary right . Now having only my eighteen year old live with us did not make my life easier shutting, ratting and raving at her 24/7 I even thought of killing myself at one point. Having a husband whom I hardly said ten words too but thought of all the , thought of this one bad thing that had done that broke me in a million pieces . It would be fair to say I hated him more everyday even thou I tried forgiving and moving on none of it helped except my excessive drinking of cause.

I was anger, I felt guilt, self-pity and I was self-destructive. In the outside I was friendly and happy as long I was not at home.

Then I met our amazing beautiful soul of the light Bernice van Eck and started my spiritual journey. I have done a few healings with Bernice and it has changed my life in all areas. If only you could see the smile I have on my face as I am typing this I am at peace with who I am and my past. I have not had I drunk excessively in two years I will maybe have a glass of wine when we go out for dinner. My daughter is a blessing and she is proud of where I am today we hardly ague and if we do it last about ten minutes not like before a week or two. As for my husband wow I don’t know what else to say but that we are in love that we have ever been I never thing about the things that hurt me so badly almost destroyed me. My journey has not just affected me but my family as well my home is now a peaceful place to be it is full of love and light, you can feel the great energy and see the joy and happiness in my me and my family . I am proud and grateful of where I am in my life and I know there are loads more to come.

I have to tell this little story, I friend if my daughter comes to our house after sometime , the first thing Sydney said to me wow aunty Yvette there is something different did you change something was her question to me . The next morning she said the most crazy thing to me. “Aunty Yvette you have changed you are so calm and you seem at peace please tell me how you did that, because I remember a how you use to be. This very nice lady for one minute then sad then you often got very angry and you cried a lot. Until then I did not realise how sad my life really was. But that is the past and I have great life ahead of me.

Life Activation has changed my life and I am sure many others the journey I am on is not a part time thing it is my future the rest of my life I will and want to live my life as I have been for the past two years. I am extremely grateful and blessed to have started my new fabulous life. I would truly and honesly advice anyone to experience this amazing journey and try Life Activation it can only change your life for the better.

Thank you Bernice for walking into my life and for the amazing work that you for me and many others. Most of all thank you for your guidance and support. I Love You


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